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Pink Air - Smoke Odor Neutralizer - 4oz - Long-lasting Freshness

Pink Air - Smoke Odor Neutralizer - 4oz - Long-lasting Freshness

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Welcome to a world of fresh, clean air with our Smoke odor neutralizer - Air Eliminator in a 4oz size. Say goodbye to lingering odors and welcome a breath of fresh air with our powerful and bio-friendly formula that works wonders in eliminating unwanted smells.

Designed to tackle tough odors without just masking them, our innovative formula neutralizes smoke, sweat, and welding smoke smells effectively. Perfect for your car, restroom, closet, or any other space that needs a burst of freshness, this odor eliminator does the job quickly and conveniently.

  • Powerful smoke odor neutralizer
  • Long-lasting freshness

Ideal for breaking down smoking tars, our quick-acting formula not only removes stains and odors but also helps clean fabrics, leaving behind a pleasant and clean aroma that lasts. Say hello to continuous odor protection without compromising on safety or effectiveness.

  • Convenient 4oz spray bottle
  • Effective and safe deodorizing action

Now, let's talk specifics:

  • 4oz Spray Bottle
  • Does Not Cover Odors, It NEUTRALIZES Them!
  • Eliminate the Smell of Smoke, Sweat and Welding Smoke
  • Ideal for Automobiles, Restrooms, Closets & other Stinky Areas
  • Breaks Down the Tars from Smoking
  • Quick-Acting
  • Convenient to Carry
  • Aids in Cleaning Fabric
  • Removes Stains & Smoke Odors
  • Leaves a Clean, Pleasant Smell
  • Long Lasting Odor Control
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